Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Small Wins Equal Good Progress!

This week, Joyfulgrrl Jewelry has had a good share of great progress!  Last weekend, I participated in the 16th Annual Huron Valley Taste & Expo.  It was a great experience and I met a lot other cool artists!  These events are great opportunities for networking and meeting new people.  

One awesome person I met was Joelyn from Ardent Designs.  Joelyn and her family live in Ypsilant, MI.  She makes jewelry using fused glass.  Joelyn was telling me and her customers how she just got a kiln and started working with glass and how much she enjoys it!  She just added tie tacks to her inventory, which I thought were really cool.

Another cool artist I met was Ajay from Ajay's Lunch Box.  Ajay and her husband are from Milford, MI.  Her funky wire-wrapped jewelry designs are one of a kind.  You definitely have to check her jewelry out!

On Monday, Joyfulgrrl Jewelry was stalked on Etsy by  This cute site features very talented Etsy artists.  If you love Etsy, this is a website you have to check out.  You can also follow EtsyStalker on Twitter.

Speaking of Etsy, Joyfulgrrl Jewelry saw its first 3 Etsy sales this year.  Of course, I was doing the Happy Dance!  It is such a great feeling when something you create finds an awesome home and brings happiness to others.  I love it!

Finally, the best news of the week came today!  Joyfulgrrl Jewelry was accepted to Plymouth, Art in the Park.  Otherwise known as the Plymouth Art Fair, this is one of the big ones!  This year is the 30th Anniversary and it takes place July 10, 11 & 12.  This will be my first year participating in Art in the Park so I am super excited!  

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