Wednesday, March 4, 2009

MIA This Week

I know I have been MIA most of this week from both blogging and Twittering.  While being an awesome jewelry artisan, I am also looking for a J-O-B!  I have spent the better part of 7 mos looking for employment. Although, I have had a lot of great time to focus on my jewelry, I do miss the structure of working.

This week, I spent most of my days networking and submitting resumes.  I finally had a phone interview this afternoon.  It went really well and I look forward to scheduling a face to face.  Looking for a job has so many emotional highs and lows, I just want to keep it cool.

Anyway, do not fret, after I go back to work, I will still work on designing the best jewelry ever!  That will not change.  I have sent applications in for several summer art fairs and hope to participate in them all!  I am learning I work better in a more structured environment.  Working online and on my own, I am less focused and less successful.  As someone once said, "If you want something done, give it to a busy person".  Without working full time, I am not busy enough to be disciplined and focused on selling jewelry.  Plus, I am also learning, I would rather make it than have to market it and sell it.  It is so much easier when it sells itself! LOL!

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