Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break in Texas

Earlier this month, I headed to Texas for a little spring break. What a fantastic time! I was able to relax, but I also came home with some unique beads and new techniques.

There are some really great bead stores all over this country and I visited a few while in Texas. One was called Bead It in Austin, TX. This place was located down the street from my friends house, and of course I noticed it right away as I drove into town. It is located in a small house with room after room of different beads. It was very cute and so Austin! Whenever I buy beads away from home, I look for unique things that I cannot always find here in Michigan. My eyes were pulled towards all the chunky beads! I bought several strands of chunky stones that I will have to figure out how to use. It seems this year, chunky is in. A few years ago, delicate was the way to design.

So, from now until summer art fair season, I will be experimenting and designing using new wire-wrap techniques incorporating all the new beads I picked up in Texas. I hope to restock my Etsy shop soon!

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