Monday, November 30, 2009

Holiday Gift Giving Season

I did a little Christmas shopping this weekend and was mostly disappointed with the items I came across. The same old cheap junk we see every year, but more of it! I guess the recession has caused retailers to cut back on offering good quality, beautiful things. That is where Etsy can fill the void. I think this year, we should declare a Handmade Holiday! There are a ton of talented Etsy Artisans offering beautiful handmade things. If you have a shop you would like to promote, post it here. I will do my best to promote your items through Twitter and Facebook. Hopefully, we can work together to encourage more handmade gift giving that offers so much more thought and meaning.

I will start:


  1. I have a shop that I would like to share.

  2. Great Idea! I'm dreading shopping in any stores! Handmade Rocks!!

    Feel free to promote my little shop of handcrafted nature inspired jewelry!